• One-on-one Mentorship:
    Our instructors strike communication with every student so that he/she gains maximum knowledge. Also, we bestow continuous support, guidance and coaching in this entire learning environment.
  • Practical exercises:
    Practical knowledge holds an important place when it comes to career growth. And so, our instructors design varied exercises for students to get assimilated in the corporate world with finesse! The aim of these exercises is to assess how the student applies his/her knowledge and ability in the real world.
  • Project Work:
    Submitting a project is a prerequisite in the architecture and engineering fields. But there are times, when students need guidance while choosing the subject and eventually in completion of the project. Whilst in this situation, SW Systems act as anchor wherein we help with your project right from start to end. We guide, support, teach and make sure you succeed with flying colours.
  • Tie-ups With Colleges:    Sometimes, distance is the biggest hurdle and for reaching out to more students, we adopt colleges and school. In this process we conduct various workshops, classes in their respective college and school owing to their convenience. We have officially linked with reputed Colleges in Goa for Mentorship, Trainings and Certifications by Sigining MoUs with them.
  • Preparations for Job Placement:
    Getting placed in a good company is the most important aspect for a fruitful career. Hence, we give immense support and guidance to our students to sail through interviews, assessments and tests
  • Participation In International Competition:
    There are various competitions that take place across the globe. We help students prepare with ample knowledge and provide a morale boost to triumph.
  • Being Certified by the Government of Goa for Skill Development Training and Certification, our students are liable to upto 50% of the Course Fee Reimbursement from the Government.